mark horst: resume

artist statement
Public art—as I practice it—is [1.] immersive, [2.] particular and, [3.] inviting and playful.
[1.] For me, the most interesting public art is looked through as much as looked at; it responds to and changes with its surroundings; it enlivens the space around it and invites us, as we explore it, to sense some new things about our world. I seek to establish spaces that filter and reframe our experience.
[2.] I am interested in public art that takes its place in a social and architectural context; rather than as a generic commodity, I want my work to engage the community in which it is built in specific to take root in a process of listening to and learning from community members. I am committed to networking and building consensus for a project as it develops.
[3.] I want the substance of my work to evoke a response be it curiosity or recognition or momentary confusion. I am interested in the ways that familiar materials and textures can become mysterious and magical when viewed at an unfamiliar scale: the skeleton of a leaf becomes a forest of shapes; a fly's wing becomes a pattern of undulating waves. 

recent public art installations
March—Tower Road sculpture series installed, Commerce City, CO.
June—Holy Family painting series purchased by City of Albuquerque

Feb—selected for Tower Road Sculpture installation, Commerce City, CO.
March—consultant with Sussman/Prejza & Company, Inc., Los Angeles, on sculpture installation for the Vanke Towers, Shenzen, China.

April—finalist: Las Cruces, NM Bridge Art Project
June—completion of University Heights Neighborhood Mural. [selected from national call]
Sept—finalist: for Lansing Michigan Roundabout Project
Sept—fabrication + install of “vecinos: South Valley Gateway” sculpture. [Budget $75,000. Bernalillo County Arts Board.]
Oct.—South Valley Portraits: temporary mural installation.
Nov.—"Vecinos: South Valley Gateway Sculpture" dedicated.

March—“portraits” video installation with Dan McCulley. Harwood Art Center.
Sept.—SOMOS Sculpture Gateway/Pavilion with Elisabeth Horst, fabric artist.
Nov.—“until we have faces” video installation with Dan McCulley, Central Ave.

February—“reach” mural selected by jury for Monte Vista site by City of Albuquerque Arts Board. [Budget 20,000. approximate size: 25’ x 100’] Completed June 2016
Oct./Nov.—“topography” a public art installation in Grants, NM with Elisabeth Horst. [1 of 7 in “TIME: Cibola County” curated by Axle Contemporary.]
Sept.—“public art in Albuquerque—panel discussion” Albuquerque Museum

January-April—“On the Map”, Albuquerque Museum.
April—“john” mural added to City of Albuquerque Public Art Collection.

annotated exhibition history
March—Figure Show, Sumner Dene Gallery
Sept.—“Albuquerque Treasure” Albuquerque Museum

publications + press
March—feature article and interview. HDL Magazine, Tel Aviv.
July—work included in Helen Birch, “Drawn from Life: Contemporary Artists, Timeless Techniques.” UK.

May—Exhibition, Sumner Dene Gallery—with Frank McCullough.
July—“architecture show” Sumner Dene Gallery.
August—“the path made by walking” show with Suzie Protiva, Harwood Art Center.

publications + press
Spring—Featured artist in online zine: “Inspirational 12 the human dimension” UK. 

February—“The Artist’s Gaze” Group Show. Sirona Fine Art, Hallandale Beach, Fl
March—“Foodie Lithography” Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, NM
April—Solo Exhibition, Sumner Dene Gallery.
April—“Prairie Winds” with Tim Lloyd at the Northfield Arts Guild, Nfld. Minnesota
August—“4th National Juried East End Arts Exhibit” East End Arts Gallery, Riverhead, NY 

publications + press
Jan.—“the artist’s gaze, interview” “Poets and Artists Magazine
Jan.—“The Artist’s Gaze: Seeing Women in the 21st Century” catalogue.

Jan-Feb.—Artist residency, Cholamandal Artist Village, Injambakkam, Tamil Nadu.
July—Solo Exhibition, Sumner Dene Gallery.
September—Solo Exhibition: “On India” Canyon Road Contemporary Art.
October—Solo Exhibition, Act 1 Gallery.
November—Group Show, Fine Art Associates, Boulder, CO
November—“seven ways to wreck paintings” talk @ Rio Grande Art Assoc.

publications + press
May—“Contemporary Art of the Southwest” by Ashley Rooney. Schiffer Press. 2014
June 25—“Mark Horst: Figures and More” review by Katherine Oostman, Local IQ, Albuquerque.
Sept. 19—“Exhibitionism: Mark Horst's "On India" Pasatiempo, Santa Fe.

February—Group Show, Act ! Gallery, Taos, NM
April—Solo Exhibition, Sumner Dene Gallery.
April—Group Show, “the human form” Hilliard Gallery, K.C. MO.

December—“Poets and Artists Magazine” interview.

February—Solo Exhibition, Sumner Dene Gallery.
June—Group Exhibition, Canyon Road Contemporary Art.
August—Solo Exhibition, Canyon Road Contemporary Art.

Spring—“Escape Into Life” interview published:
Summer—featured in magazine: “The Art of Man.”

September—Group Show, Phillip Morton Gallery, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
July—Solo Exhibition, Canyon Road Contemporary Art.

March-April—Solo Exhibition, Stillwater Public Gallery, Stillwater, MN
November—Inpost Solo Exhibition, Albuquerque, NM
December—Solo Exhibition, Phipps Center for the Arts. Hudson, WS.

Oct.—Mapworks Stillwater Group Show, Stillwater, MN 
Summer—Solo Exhibition St. Marks Episcopal Cathedral, Mpls. MN.

Dec.—Group Show, “Art of the Incarnation” St. Paul’s Monastery.
Nov.—Featured Artist, Gallery 310, Stillwater, MN.
August—Solo Exhibition, Café Juliahna, St. Paul, MN.

relevant education & training
2008 Spring Painting Marathon, Graham Nickson, New York Studio School.
2007 Spring Painting Marathon, Graham Nickson, New York Studio School.
2005-6 Minneapolis College of Art and Design, study in painting, drawing & printmaking, 
1985 Ph.D. Yale University, Theology
1977 B.A., Carleton College, Nfld, MN; Major: History, Minor: Studio Art
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